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Promoting conservation and economic alternatives in British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest


Re: logging plans in the Phillips watershed in the southern Great Bear Rainforest

May 26, 2017   -   Greenpeace, Sierra Club BC and Stand.earth, collectively known as Rainforest Solutions Project (RSP), acknowledge the Kwiakah First Nation’s Indigenous rights and title. We expect the BC government and Western Forest Products (WFP) to seek agreement in the Phillips watershed with the Nation consistent with their Indigenous rights and title and the requirements for meaningful First Nations consultation found in the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements Land Use Order (GBRO) proclaimed February 1, 2016. The environmental groups involved in the Rainforest Solutions Project take Kwiakah First Nation (KFN) concerns seriously and our organizations are deeply committed to ensuring that the concurrent goals of Ecosystem-Based Management (to maintain ecological integrity and achieve high levels of human well- being) that underlie the GBRO continue to be met.

Great Bear Rainforest Progress Update: 1rst Anniversary of the Legal and Policy Framework

February 1, 2017   -   February 1, 2017 marks one year since the announcement of the Great Bear Rainforest Legal and Policy Framework

B.C. Groups Win Prestigious Buckminster Fuller Award for Role in Safeguarding Great Bear Rainforest

October 5, 2016   -   Fuller Challenge Award 2016 goes to Rainforest Solutions Project, a project of Tides Canada Initiative with Greenpeace, Stand.earth and Sierra Club BC

Jens Wieting: Great Bear agreements show the way

March 24, 2016   -   JENS WIETING - Times Colonist

Canada Just Protected A Rainforest Twice The Size Of Belgium

February 3, 2016   -   NICK VISSER - Huffington Post

‘War of the Woods’ Over a Massive Canadian Rainforest Ends With a Peace Agreement

February 2, 2016   -   JAKE BLEIBERG - Vice.com

Landmark deal to protect Canada Great Bear Rainforest

February 2, 2016   -   UNSIGNED - BBC

Deal reached to protect Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest

February 2, 2016   -   UNSIGNED - Al Jazeera America

Final Agreement Will Permanently Safeguard 85 Percent of Great Bear Rainforest

February 1, 2016   -   Today First Nations governments and the BC government, with the support of ForestEthics Solutions, Greenpeace, Sierra Club BC and five forestry companies, announced the fulfilment of the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements. Eighty-five percent (3.1 million hectares) of the remote wilderness region’s coastal temperate rainforests are now permanently off-limits to industrial logging. The remaining 15 percent (550,000 hectares) of the forest will be subject to the most stringent commercial logging legal standards in North America. First Nations oversight of their lands has been strengthened and new community development opportunities negotiated as a result of the government-to-government implementation process.

Solutions Are Possible’: Great Bear Rainforest Land-Use Deal Reached

February 1, 2016   -   ANDREW MACLEOD - The Tyee

Great Bear Rainforest agreement creates ‘a gift to the world’

February 1, 2016   -   FIONA MORROW - CBC News

Key players in Great Bear Rainforest deal find common ground

February 1, 2016   -   JUSTINE HUNTER - Globe and Mail

Final agreement reached to protect B.C.’s Great Bear Rainforest

February 1, 2016   -   JUSTINE HUNTER - Globe and Mail

Landmark deal protects huge swath of central B.C. coast from logging

January 31, 2016   -   LARRY PYNN - Vancouver Sun

Special Report: The Great Bear Rainforest

January 27, 2016   -   LINDA SOLOMON WOOD - National Observer

End in sight for decades-long battle to protect B.C.‘s Great Bear Rainforest

June 17, 2015   -   JUSTINE HUNTER - Globe and Mail

Saving the Great Bear Rainforest with good marketing

June 17, 2015   -   JUSTINE HUNTER - The Globe and Mail

BC gov’t invites letters on Great Bear Rainforest land use

June 10, 2015   -   Vancouver Observer

Proposed deal to preserve large swaths of B.C.‘s Great Bear Rainforest

June 10, 2015   -   JUSTINE HUNTER - Globe and Mail

Logging company takes heat for cutting old growth trees in the Great Bear Rainforest

May 29, 2015   -   JENNY UECHI - Vancouver Observer

TimberWest logging in the Great Bear Rainforest like there is no tomorrow

May 21, 2015   -   New information compiled by Greenpeace, ForestEthics Solutions and Sierra Club B.C reveals that logging company TimberWest has dramatically sped up logging in the Great Bear Rainforest and targeted globally endangered rainforest ecosystems before stricter logging regulations come into effect. The environmental organizations are calling on the company to freeze their logging operations in the region until planning is completed to ensure that endangered rainforests will be safe. Additionally the organizations are asking the BC government to ensure they aren’t approving new cutting permits until new stricter logging regulations are in place. These are currently under negotiation with the BC Government and the region’s First Nations.

Groups call on TimberWest to reduce logging in Great Bear Rainforest

May 21, 2015   -   JUSTIN MCELROY - Global News

Environmentalists call on TimberWest to suspend logging in Great Bear Rainforest

May 21, 2015   -   LARRY PYNN - Vancouver Sun

Groups say TimberWest went on logging-spree ahead of new rules

May 21, 2015   -   SUNNY DHILLON - Globe and Mail

Jens Wieting: Finishing the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements akin to climbing Mount Everest

March 31, 2015   -   JENS WIETING - Special to the Georgia Straight

War-in-the-woods peace talks hit snags

March 29, 2015   -   JUSTINE HUNTER - Globe and Mail

The Great Bear: worth more alive than dead

January 1, 2015   -   BRIONY PENN - Focus Magazine

Nineteen year battle over Great Bear Rainforest on brink of peace as momentous deadline approaches

October 22, 2014   -   CLAIRE HUME - Vancouver Observer

Environmental Organizations Welcome Province and First Nations Great Bear Rainforest Commitments

March 31, 2014   -   Greenpeace, ForestEthics Solutions and Sierra Club B.C. welcome the commitments received by letter today from the B.C. government and First Nations organizations - Great Bear Initiative and Nanwakolas Council - to deliver the remaining measures required for the final implementation of the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements by the end of 2014.

Great Bear Rainforest carbon credits offer economic lifeline to First Nations

January 31, 2014   -   CHARLIE SMITH - The Georgia Straight

Conservation groups, timber companies reach deal to protect more of Great Bear Rainforest

January 29, 2014   -   GORDON HOEKSTRA - Vancouver Sun

Forest Companies & Environmental Groups Deliver Joint Recommendations for the Great Bear Rainforest

January 29, 2014   -   Joint recommendations to achieve final implementation of ecosystem-based management (EBM) in the Great Bear Rainforest have been reached among five forest product businesses and three leading environmental groups who together form the Joint Solutions Project (JSP).

Stakeholders reach deal on Great Bear Rainforest

January 29, 2014   -   MARK HUME - The Globe and Mail

Environmentalists look to insert Great Bear Rainforest into B.C. election agenda

February 7, 2013   -   JONATHAN FOWLIE - Vancouver Sun

British Columbians Want the Great Bear Rainforest Conservation Agreements Finished, New Poll Shows

February 7, 2013   -   On the seventh anniversary of the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements, Greenpeace, ForestEthics Solutions and Sierra Club BC are calling on BC’s political parties to commit to wrapping up the agreements in their election platforms.

Great Bear carbon offsets need scrutiny

February 4, 2013   -   BOB SIMPSON - Vancouver Sun

Great Bear Rainforest needs both protection and a new economy

January 22, 2013   -   VALERIE LANGER - Special to The Vancouver Sun

Opinion: Great Bear Forest Carbon Project offers prosperous future for Coastal First Nations

January 21, 2013   -   ART STERRIT - Special to the Sun

Great Bear Rainforest’s green gold

January 19, 2013   -   GORDON HOEKSTRA - Vancouver Sun

Environmentalists, forest industry struggle to complete Great Bear Rainforest conservation plan

January 18, 2013   -   GORDON HAMILTON - Vancouver Sun

Protection sought for full rainforest

July 20, 2012   -   JUDITH LAVOIE - Times Colonist

Over 10,000 People Ask Premier Clark to Complete the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements

July 19, 2012   -   ForestEthics Solutions, Greenpeace and Sierra Club BC today presented BC Premier Christy Clark with a scroll of signatures from more than 10,000 people calling on the BC government to finish the job it started over a decade ago and complete the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements. The event marked a major milestone in public support to safeguard the Great Bear Rainforest.

Vancouver, BC Artist Wins ‘Great Bear’s Got Talent’ Contest

July 11, 2012   -   A selection committee, including famed Canadian wildlife artist Robert Bateman and Kitasoo-Xai’Xais First Nation photographer Doug Neasloss, has selected British Columbia artist Laura Wasylyshen and her work “Spirit in the Water” as the winner of the Great Bear’s Got Talent contest.

Island artist’s work reflects on rainforest

July 11, 2012   -   AMY SMART - Times Colonist

Can a Single B.C. Forest Change the World?

June 22, 2012   -   JENS WIETING - Huffington Post

Scientists Urge BC to Speed up Protection of Iconic Rainforest

June 21, 2012   -   JUSTINA REICHEL - Epoch Times

Great Bear Rainforest agreement under Rio summit microscope: scientists

June 14, 2012   -   HANAH REDMAN - The Tyee

‘Great Bear’s Got Talent’ Contest Launches on Facebook

May 30, 2012   -   A new talent contest called ‘Great Bear’s Got Talent’ just launched on Facebook, challenging applicants from British Columbia, Canada and around the world to create the most ‘artful and stirring homage” to the Great Bear Rainforest.

Open letter to Premier Christy Clark: Fulfill provincial commitments to protect the Great Bear

February 8, 2012   -   CARRIE SAXIFRAGE - Vancouver Observer

Green groups: government moving too slowly on protecting Canada’s Great Bear rainforest

February 8, 2012   -   JEREMNY HANCE - mongabay.com

Eco groups urge government to complete protection promise for Great Bear Rainforest

February 7, 2012   -   GORDON HAMILTON - Vancouver Sun

Enviros want BC premier to protect more of Great Bear sooner

February 7, 2012   -   ANDREW MACLEOD - The Tyee

Only half of Great Bear Rainforest off-limits to logging, 6 years after historic agreement

February 7, 2012   -   Today marks the sixth anniversary of the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements, an initiative that was lauded across B.C. and around the world for its commitment to preserve this rare rainforest. But instead of celebrating, environmental groups are warning that current rules still allow logging in 50 per cent of the Great Bear Rainforest.

Pipeline Through Paradise

August 1, 2011   -   BRUCE BARCOTT - National Geographic

Jens Wieting: TimberWest out of step in Great Bear Rainforest

July 5, 2011   -   JENS WIETING - The Georgia Straight, Commentary

It’s time for Christy Clark to do her part for the Great Bear Rainforest

June 30, 2011   -   JUSTINE HUNTER - The Globe and Mail

Logging laggard threatens Great Bear Rainforest conservation

June 29, 2011   -   TYLER HARBOTTLE - The Tyee

Fulfill promise of Great Bear Rainforest pact, Clark urged

June 28, 2011   -   JUSTINE HUNTER - The Globe and Mail

Logging threatening Great Bear Rainforest

June 28, 2011   -   JUSTINE HUNTER - Globe and Mail Update

TimberWest logging threatens Great Bear Rainforest Solution

June 28, 2011   -   ForestEthics, Greenpeace and Sierra Club BC released photos today that show increased TimberWest logging activity in the southern part of the Great Bear Rainforest is jeopardizing success of the conservation model that was established to protect the area. The forests where TimberWest operates are already the hardest hit and the least protected in the region.

Premier Clark: Protect the Great Bear Rainforest, urge conservation groups from three continents

April 1, 2011   -   Environmental organizations working to protect tropical rainforests around the equator have asked the British Columbia government to take the necessary steps to protect the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia, as announced on March 31, 2009. The letter comes on the second anniversary of the signing of the landmark Great Bear Rainforest Agreements, and serves as a reminder to the new premier that there is still much work left to be done.

Environmental groups urge Clark to protect B.C. rainforest

April 1, 2011   -   MATTHEW ROBINSON - The Globe and Mail

Section of Great Bear Rainforest made off-limits to foresters

February 18, 2011   -   Business in Vancouver

Great Bear Rainforest tours set

January 29, 2011   -   Times Colonist

First Nations receive Real Estate Foundation of BC Award for Great Bear Rainforest Agreements

November 19, 2010   -   First Nations governments whose territories cover the Great Bear Rainforest — the Coastal First Nations-Great Bear Initiative and the Nanwakolas Council — have received the prestigious Land Award from the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia. The Great Bear Rainforest First Nations have been leaders of a landmark initiative that has already seen two million hectares protected, initial changes made to logging practices to increase conservation and first steps taken in restoring community well-being.

Logging plan’s delay puts species at risk: study

March 5, 2010   -   MARK HUME - The Globe and Mail

Critical Species in the Great Bear Rainforest Falling Through the Cracks

March 5, 2010   -   A new report, entitled “Slipping Through the Cracks? The Fate of Focal Species in the Great Bear Rainforest”, was released by Greenpeace, ForestEthics and Sierra Club BC. The report shows there is still a risk of extinction for a number of important species of conservation concern, including grizzly bears, marbled murrelets, mountain goats, northern goshawks and tailed frogs.

Group of Companies Receive International Eco-certification in the Great Bear Rainforest

December 11, 2009   -   Nearly one million hectares of temperate rainforest have been newly certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in BC's Great Bear Rainforest. The forest companies who have been newly certified are Western Forest Products, Interfor, and BC Timber Sales. As buyers of wood products from the forest, Catalyst Paper and Howe Sound Pulp and Paper supported the certification process for the companies.

In B.C. where the grizzly bears (still) roam

September 18, 2009   -   CINDA CHAVICH - Special to the Globe and Mail

Great Bear Rainforest Plan

April 13, 2009   -   GreenMuze

Former foes celebrate rainforest plan

April 10, 2009   -   Williams Lake Tribune

BC’s first Indigenous Nations awaken

April 9, 2009   -   TOM FLETCHER - Alberni Valley News

Promise to Protect Great Bear Rainforest Becomes Reality – Five Year Plan in Place

March 31, 2009   -   The promise made three years ago to protect one-third of British Columbia’s globally unique Great Bear Rainforest and develop the foundations for a conservation-based economy in the region has been fulfilled. The announcement lays out the tremendous ecological and economic gains for the region and the long-term commitment to ensure the health of the rainforest and communities.

‘The war is over’: Great Bear Rainforest plan reached

March 31, 2009   -   GORDON HAMILTON - Vancouver Sun

B.C. government meets commitment to protect so-called Great Bear Rainforest

March 31, 2009   -   The Canadian Press

Plan aims to protect Canadian coastal rainforest

March 31, 2009   -   ALLAN DOWD - Reuters

BC’s ‘Great Bear Rainforest’ gets protection

March 31, 2009   -   JOEL CONNELLY - Seattle Post Intelligencer

Campbell shines up his enviro credentials

March 31, 2009   -   MICHAEL SMYTH - The Province

Great Bear Rainforest protected from heavy logging

March 31, 2009   -   KIM MURPHY - LA Times

Province will meet Great Bear deadline

March 30, 2009   -   COLLEEN KIMMETT - The Tyee

Great Bear Rainforest to be saved as ‘global treasure’

March 30, 2009   -   GORDON HAMILTON - Vancouver Sun

Province to reveal managing plan for Great Bear Rainforest

March 30, 2009   -   MARK HUME - The Globe and Mail

Great Bear a critical carbon sink, study finds

March 3, 2009   -   MARK HUME - The Globe and Mail

New Report Shows Great Bear Rainforest a Safe Carbon Storehouse

March 3, 2009   -   A new report released by Greenpeace, Forest Ethics, And Sierra Club BC concludes that an ‘ecosystem based’ approach to logging in the Great Bear Rainforest would maintain old growth forest with approximately 108 million tons of carbon storage, and shows that British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest not only stores massive amounts of carbon per hectare, but is also well positioned to withstand some of the effects of climate change because of its old growth forest and location.

Protected areas legislated on Haida Gwaii

January 13, 2009   -   Environmental groups ForestEthics, Greenpeace and Sierra Club BC welcome the legislation of nine new conservancies on Haida Gwaii on BC’s coast.

On the hunt for the elusive spirit bears

November 29, 2008   -   The Calgary Herald

Rona vows to buy only eco-certified lumber

November 22, 2008   -   The Vancouver Sun

Stage set for next steps

April 29, 2008   -   Environmental groups welcome province’s move to complete legislation of protected areas in the Great Bear Rainforest.

High Risk Areas in the Great Bear Rainforest Require Action

April 1, 2008   -   ForestEthics, Sierra Club BC and Greenpeace have collectively released a report with new scientific analysis that shows critical ecosystems are at high risk in the Great Bear Rainforest. The data shows a clear gap between the current state of conservation and full ecosystem health for the region.

Forest companies and environmentalists reach agreement

February 22, 2008   -   GORDON HAMILTON - Vancouver Sun

Milestone agreement bears fruit

February 22, 2008   -   A set of milestones negotiated between environmental organizations and logging companies to significantly advance the implementation of the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements (announced in February 2006) has begun to bear fruit.

New Forestry Laws Legislated

February 7, 2008   -   Environmental groups congratulate the Province and First Nations for establishing legal regulations that take us one step closer to conserving some of the world's last ancient coastal temperate rainforest.

Haida Gwaii Land Use Plan Announced

December 12, 2007   -   Environmental groups ForestEthics, Greenpeace and Sierra Club of Canada, BC Chapter welcome the announcement of a new land use plan for Haida Gwaii.

Land-use agreement shows the way

May 11, 2007   -   The Vancouver Sun

WWF Gift to the Earth Award

May 10, 2007   -   ForestEthics, Greenpeace and Sierra Club of BC, along with coastal First Nations, several logging companies and BC Premier Gordon Campbell accepted the World Wildlife Fund’s international Gift to the Earth Award for their collaborative work on a conservation plan for BC’s Great Bear Rainforest.

B.C. stakeholders harvest kudos for rainforest deal

May 7, 2007   -   The Vancouver Sun

New conservancies, new parks in B.C.

April 17, 2007   -   CBC News

Rainforest clear-cuts persist, groups complain

March 30, 2007   -   MARK HUME - Globe and Mail Update

Time Ticking Down for Great Bear Rainforest

March 29, 2007   -   Time is running out to keep the Great Bear Rainforest conservation plan on track, say environmental groups. And with only two years remaining to meet the March 31st, 2009 deadline for the internationally heralded agreements, three leading groups today put Premier Campbell and logging company CEOs on notice that time is ticking down – and they are keeping track.

Ottawa vows $30-million to protect Great Bear

March 15, 2007   -   ROD MICKLEBURGH - The Globe and Mail

Government, Industry Must Pick up the Pace

February 7, 2007   -   Environmental groups working on the conservation plan are cautiously optimistic about implementation. But the pace of change must pick up if government is to meet its goal of full implementation by March 2009.

Canada acts to protect rainforest

January 22, 2007   -   BBC UK

Canada pledges $30 million for Great Bear Rainforest

January 22, 2007   -   mongabay.com

$30M forest pledge ‘clear signal’ of green Tories: Baird

January 22, 2007   -   CBC News

Ottawa to give $30-million to ‘Canada’s Amazon’ - B.C.‘s Great Bear Rainforest

January 22, 2007   -   ELIANNA LEV - Canadian Press

Groundbreaking Great Bear Rainforest Agreement Secures $120 million

January 21, 2007   -   Environmental groups welcomed the federal government's announcement that it will add $30M to complete a $120M groundbreaking conservation management & economic development initiative.

Great Bear Rainforest Agreements Stalled

September 22, 2006   -   When Will Real Change Hit the Ground?

Spirit Bear guide bears witness to Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest white-bear secret

September 5, 2006   -   ESPN

I spy a grizzly: Ecotourists in British Columbia track bears, very carefully

June 29, 2006   -   LAUREN KRAMER - Special to the Boston Herald

Take a trip with BC First Nations

May 24, 2006   -   Penticton News

Environmental Groups support new conservancy designation with caution

May 5, 2006   -   Conservancy designation must safeguard biodiversity over economic development in new protected areas of the Great Bear Rainforest.

Great Bear conservancy allows roads and hydro

April 25, 2006   -   LARRY PYNN - Vancouver Sun

First Nations welcome rainforest opportunities

April 24, 2006   -   CBC

Friendlier Footprints

April 10, 2006   -   JENNY HOLTZ - Newsweek International

Environmental groups call for consultation on new conservancy designation

March 15, 2006   -   Environmental groups call for provincial briefing and consultation of environmental community on a new conservancy designation.

Canada’s Huge New Preserve Protects Rare “Spirit Bears”

March 6, 2006   -   ANNA PETHERICK - National Geographic News

A Bear of a Deal

March 6, 2006   -   YUILL HERBERT - The Dominion

Protection of Canada’s Great Bear Rain Forest Can Be a Model for Future Conservation Efforts

February 22, 2006   -   MELINDA TUHUS - Between the Lines Q&A (New Zealand)

Two Lost Worlds Give us Hope

February 17, 2006   -   DAVID SUZUKI - Science Matters

Great Bear Agreement won’t shift pressure

February 16, 2006   -   THOM BARKER - The Interior News

They’re not out of the woods yet, but Great Bear is quite an achievement

February 13, 2006   -   Vancouver Sun

B.C. rainforest pact heralds new era

February 13, 2006   -   Toronto Star

Canada unveils 16m acre park

February 12, 2006   -   ASSOCIATED PRESS - The Jamaica Observer, Internet Ed.

First Nations’ new reality arrives

February 10, 2006   -   Paul Willcocks - The Daily Courier (Kelowna)

Deal makes peace in the rainforest

February 10, 2006   -   TOM FLETCHER - Blackwood Press

Great Bear plan praised

February 10, 2006   -   DAN MACLENNAN - Courier-Islander

Great Bear changes the rules

February 10, 2006   -   RICHARD BOYCE - Parksville Qualicum News

Great Bear deal marks new world

February 10, 2006   -   The StarPhoenix

Parkland for bears, wolves, salmon

February 10, 2006   -   Zee News (India)

Great Bear Compromise sets stage for Wilderness Future

February 10, 2006   -   HILLARY ROSNER - The Wilderness Blog: www.newwest.net

Canada’s Coastline Tagged for Preserve

February 9, 2006   -   JEREMY HAINSWORTH, AP - The Moscow Times

Canada unveils rainforest project

February 9, 2006   -   AP , VANCOUVER - Taipei Times

Conservation boost for Great Bear Rainforest

February 9, 2006   -   Green Consumer Guide (UK)

Victory for Canadian forest campaign

February 9, 2006   -   RAINFOREST ACTION - www.peopleandplanet.net

Canada creates massive ‘working’ park

February 8, 2006   -   UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL - WebIndia

Bears finally saved from chainsaws

February 8, 2006   -   IAN BAILEY - The Province

Huge Canadian park to dwarf Yellowstone

February 8, 2006   -   JEREMY HAINSWORTH, AP - The Chicago Sun-Times

New, 16-million acre park to protect Canada wildlife

February 8, 2006   -   STAR NEWS SERVICES - Indianapolis Star

Vast area of new parks ends coastal controversy

February 8, 2006   -   GORDON HAMILTON - Vancouver Sun

Canadian forest granted protection against logging

February 8, 2006   -   AFP - Australian Broadcasting Corporation, online

Loggers and green lobby strike deal to save vast rainforest

February 8, 2006   -   TIM REID - The Times (UK)

Winning woods war may be easier than enjoying the peace

February 8, 2006   -   EDITORIAL - The Province

Conflict to Consensus: British Columbia Protects Great Bear Rainforest

February 8, 2006   -   Environmental News Service

Canada signs deal with loggers to save ancient rainforest

February 8, 2006   -   RUPERT CORNWELL - The Independent

Canada unveils huge wildlife park

February 8, 2006   -   AP - Irish Examiner

Deal protects Canada Rainforest

February 8, 2006   -   BBC News

BC Commits to Legislate Protection of 2 Million Hectares of Great Bear Rainforest

February 7, 2006   -   A coalition of three leading environmental groups, along with industry leaders and indigenous groups, announced success after a decade long campaign to protect the globally unique Great Bear Rainforest. The long awaited government announcement sets the stage to protect one third of the Great Bear Rainforest from all logging and will require the use of more sustainable logging practices for the remaining area.

Huge park created, ending rainforest feud

February 7, 2006   -   MSNBC News Services

Land-use plan unveiled for B.C. coastal region

February 7, 2006   -   CANADIAN PRESS

A victory in the fight to preserve B.C.‘s rainforest

February 7, 2006   -   MARK HUME - Globe and Mail

Deal reached to protect coast rainforest

February 7, 2006   -   Reuters

Singin in the Rainforest

February 7, 2006   -   Grist.org

B.C.‘s giant park could become a world blueprint

February 7, 2006   -   DOUG STRUCK - The Washington Post

Land-use plan unveiled for B.C. coastal region dubbed Great Bear Rainforest

February 7, 2006   -   CAMILLE BAINS - Canadian Press on Canada.com

Canada to protect animals unveiling massive park

February 7, 2006   -   Pravda.ru

The creation of a unique 4.4 million acre environmental “working” park was announced Tuesday

February 7, 2006   -   UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL - Physorg.com

Provincial government will preserve 1.8 million hectares of B.C. coast

February 7, 2006   -   CKNW(AM980) - CKNW.com

CBC- B.C. protects large coastal area

February 7, 2006   -   CBC News- BC

Canada Unveils Park to Protect Grizzlies

February 7, 2006   -   JEREMY HAINSWORTH - Forbes.com

B.C. land dubbed Great Bear Rainforest

February 7, 2006   -   CANADIAN PRESS - The Edmonton Journal

Canada Unveils Park to Protect Grizzlies

February 7, 2006   -   JEREMY HAINSWORTH - The Associate Press

Woods for the bears

February 7, 2006   -   JULIAN RUSH - Channel 4 News, UK

Canada to protect wildlife, logging in huge B.C. park

February 7, 2006   -   P-I NEWS SERVICES - Seattle Post Intelligencer

Plan to protect eco-forest on B.C. coast unveiled

February 7, 2006   -   CANADIAN PRESS - CTV News

Land-use plan unveiled for B.C. coastal region dubbed Great Bear Rainforest

February 7, 2006   -   CAMILLE BAINS - The Hamilton Spectator

Canada to Shield 5 Million Forest Acres

February 7, 2006   -   CLIFFORD KRAUSS - New York Times

B.C. to unveil huge new park

February 7, 2006   -   The Bellingham Herald, online

After an endless hibernation, Great Bear deal is stirring

February 6, 2006   -   MARK HUME - The Globe and Mail

Huge Canadian Park is Born of Compromise

February 6, 2006   -   DOUG STRUCK - Washington Post Foreign Service

Could there finally be peace in the Great Bear Rainforest?

February 6, 2006   -   ROBERT McCLURE - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Finally, a deal on rainforest protection

February 4, 2006   -   LES LEYNE - Victoria Times Colonist

Canadian loggers and foes end a long battle

February 4, 2006   -   CLIFFORD KRAUSS - International Herald Tribune

Canada to protect wildlife, logging in huge B.C. park

February 4, 2006   -   P-I NEWS SERVICES - Seattle Post Intelligencer

Deal reached in the Great Bear Rainforest

February 4, 2006   -   GORDON HAMILTON - Vancouver Sun

Group pays to end killing on Central Coast

December 13, 2005   -   NICHOLAS READ - Vancouver Sun

The War for the woods

November 17, 2005   -   BRYNNA HALLAM - The Martlet

Best chance for coastal rainforest

October 27, 2005   -   ART STERRITT & GUUJAAW - Special to the Vancouver Sun

The millions of hectares around B.C.‘s Great Bear Lodge are rich with the big critters

October 8, 2005   -   JUDI LEES - The Standard (St. Catherine's, Niagara)

Premier Campbell fails to meet commitment

September 30, 2005   -   Premier Campbell has failed to keep his promise to finalize vital land use agreements for the Great Bear Rainforest by the “end of summer” according to Greenpeace, Sierra Club of Canada, BC Chapter, ForestEthics and Rainforest Action Network.

Enviros test premier’s fax

September 29, 2005   -   ANDREW MACLEOD - Monday Magazine

Rainforest campaign showered with support

September 22, 2005   -   JEFF HODSON - Metro Vancouver

B.C. First Nation files historic land-use plan

September 20, 2005   -   CANWEST NEWS SERVICE - The Edmonton Journal

Heiltsuk unveil plan for Great Bear

September 20, 2005   -   MARK HUME - Globe and Mail

Court action in tribal council’s arsenal

September 20, 2005   -   LARRY PYNN - The Vancouver Sun

Native band bids for control of coast forest

September 19, 2005   -   GORDON HAMILTON - Vancouver Sun

B.C. band seeks control of resources

September 19, 2005   -   CANADIAN PRESS - Globe and Mail

Landmark Great Bear Agreement Is Down to the Wire

September 11, 2005   -   HEATHER RAMSAY - The Tyee: Special Report

German visitors here to check on ‘eco-based’ logging process

September 9, 2005   -   GORDON HAMILTON - Vancouver Sun

Global Forest and Paper Summit:  Bottom Line vs Conservation


Hundreds Protest Canada’s Forest Destruction At Global Forest Summit

June 1, 2005   -   Hundreds of concerned citizens and activists from across Canada and the United States rallied outside the world’s largest forest industry gathering to demand more forest protection and a shift to ecosystem-based logging practices for all of Canada’s endangered forests and endangered species habitat.

Ecogroups see conflicts over land use

April 29, 2005   -   GORDON HAMILTON - Vancouver Sun

Government Inaction Threatens Great Bear Rainforest Agreement

April 28, 2005   -   ForestEthics, Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network and Sierra Club of Canada’s BC Chapter released their annual report card on the Great Bear Rainforest. The groups awarded dismal grades to the B.C. government and logging companies for not finalizing and implementing the consensus solutions package for the region, forged by First Nations and multiple stakeholders.

Environmental Groups Give Government and Industry Failing Grade

April 28, 2005   -   CKNW News

Enviros and Industry ring alarm over Great Bear Project

April 28, 2005   -   CHARLES CAMPBELL - The Tyee

D grade for BC on forest protection

April 28, 2005   -   CANADIAN PRESS - The Province

Final push needed on coastal logging deal

March 18, 2005   -   CATHERINE STEWART, LISA MATTHAUS, MERRAN SMITH - Vancouver Sun: Issues & Ideas

‘Joint Solutions Project’ Receives Forest Leadership Award

March 1, 2005   -   The Joint Solutions Project, a British Columbia-based cooperative initiative formed by nine environmental groups and forestry companies to collaborate on finding new solutions to longstanding environmental disagreements in the Great Bear Rainforest, received the 2005 ForestLeadership Partnership Award for commendable teamwork between different organizations to further sustainable forestry.

Protection good for economy, according to report

February 21, 2005   -   HEIDI BEVINGTON - Queen Charlotte Islands Observer:

Cut logging, gain jobs: report

February 14, 2005   -   SCOTT SIMPSON - Vancouver Sun

‘Great Bear’ Economy Goes after $200 Million

November 26, 2004   -   HEATHER RAMSAY - The Tyee

A Canopy of Hope

April 30, 2004   -   The BC Environmental Report

Half of B.C. needed to save grizzlies, report says:

February 12, 2004   -   NICHOLAS READ - The Vancouver Sun

Radical land-use plan proposed on central coast

January 16, 2004   -   The Vancouver Sun

Diverse Interests Reach Consensus on Land-use Recommendations for B.C.‘s Central Coast

January 13, 2004   -   The Central Coast Land and Resource Management Planning (CCLRMP) table, consisting of representatives from communities, labour, environmental groups, tourism, forest companies and recreation interests, has reached an unprecedented consensus on land-use recommendations for B.C.'s Central Coast.

Science can help Judge Conservation

December 1, 2003   -   CHUCK RUMSEY - Vancouver Sun: editorial

Preserve half of rainforest, scientists urge

November 20, 2003   -   The Vancouver Sun

Journey to the Heart of the Great Bear Rainforest

July 15, 2003   -   Cascadia Times

BC government renews short-term protection in the Great Bear Rainforest

June 30, 2003   -   On June 25, the British Columbia government extended interim protection of the rainforest valleys identified in the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement. The executive Orders in Council will continue to safeguard these valleys from logging through June 30, 2004.

BC Puts Off Logging in ‘Spirit Bear’ Forest for a Year

June 26, 2003   -   CBC

Four different ways to use our land: Government looks to balance environment and employment

June 26, 2003   -   Victoria Times Colonist

Government extends logging ban on central coast to allow for land-use plan

June 26, 2003   -   Victoria Times Colonist

Kermode-bear champion fears resumption of central-coast logging: Forest firms say nothing is planned

June 25, 2003   -   The Vancouver Sun

B.C. may see return to war in the woods

June 17, 2003   -   Canadian Press

Business shifts attitudes on forest products

May 5, 2003   -   MICHELLE BENJAMIN - Victoria Times Colonist: Opinion

New War of the Woods shaping up in B.C. forests

April 9, 2003   -   The Vancouver Sun

Logging moratorium to end soon in contentious rainforest

April 8, 2003   -   The Vancouver Sun

Great Bear Rainforest Two Years Later: BC Government Still Not Making the Grade

April 7, 2003   -   ForestEthics, Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network and the Sierra Club of Canada, BC Chapter released their second annual Great Bear Rainforest Report Card, giving the BC government dismal grades on most aspects of its commitment to uphold the precedent-setting April 2001 agreement.

Greens accuse certification schemes of rubber-stamping bad practices

April 7, 2003   -   UK Timber Trade Journal

First Nations, environmental activists unite against Victoria

April 4, 2003   -   GORDON HAMILTON - The Vancouver Sun

Environmentalists re-enter fight over B.C. forests: Ecogroups turn attention to rest of the Province

April 3, 2003   -   GORDON HAMILTON - The Vancouver Sun

Environmentalists Release Report Warning of Bogus Forest Certification Schemes

March 26, 2003   -   Environmental groups released a report documenting the environmentally destructive forest practices endorsed by industry-backed certification schemes - Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).

International Body Asked To End Overcutting of Canadian Cedar

March 23, 2003   -   The Heiltsuk First Nation and Greenpeace, representing several First Nations and environmental groups, today petitioned the implementation body of the Convention for Biological Diversity to help end the over-harvesting of Western Red Cedar in British Columbia, Canada.

Corporate buyers look to eco-certified forest companies

March 15, 2003   -   GORDON HAMILTON - The Vancouver Sun

Natives seek probe of cedar overcutting

March 14, 2003   -   GORDON HAMILTON - The Vancouver Sun

Green’ forest products gain: poll: Greenpeace claims victory

March 11, 2003   -   National Post/'

B.C. environmentalists buoyed by ‘green’ report

March 11, 2003   -   CTV

Green products more popular: lobbyists

March 11, 2003   -   The Vancouver Sun

Global buyers of wood products “going green”, IBM report shows

March 1, 2003   -   Environmental groups applauded the release of a new report demonstrating that major customers of BC forest products are shifting their purchasing toward greener, more environmentally friendly products.

Environmentalists say forest cut ‘alarming’

January 15, 2003   -   Vancouver Sun

Old-Growth “War of Words” in New York Times

December 19, 2002   -   Environmental groups ran an ad in the New York Times to correct a statement made there last week by B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell regarding spotted owl management and the state of B.C.’s old growth forests

Fishing with wolves

October 14, 2002   -   The Vancouver Sun

Buying Power

October 2, 2002   -   LINDA COADY - Truckloggers Magazine

In Crisis Lies Opportunity

October 2, 2002   -   MERRAN SMITH - Truckloggers Magazine

Under the Great Bears spell

October 2, 2002   -   The Globe and Mail

That’s the spirit: Simon Birch visits the rainforest of British Columbia to admire the spirit bear

August 24, 2002   -   The Guardian (UK)

Fish and the Forest: New research shows salmon are feeding B.C.‘s coastal ecosystems

August 8, 2002   -   The Georgia Straight

Tours & Cruises Focusing on Grizzlies in British Columbia Forest

August 4, 2002   -   Los Angeles Times

Co-op Sells First Eco-lumber

August 1, 2002   -   The Georgia Straight

Cabinet orders protection of ‘Great Bear Rainforest’

May 23, 2002   -   Vancouver Sun

BC government orders short-term protection in the Great Bear Rainforest

May 22, 2002   -   The BC cabinet formalized interim protection of the 20 intact rainforest valleys identified in the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement. In this first step toward more permanent protection, the government established executive Orders In Council that safeguard these valleys from logging and development through June 30, 2003.

Travel Paradise Preserved: Schooner shows off natural treasure of Great Bear Rain Forest in BC

May 12, 2002   -   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Forest forum unites age-old rivals

May 6, 2002   -   CNN

Delay stirs trouble in Great Bear Rainforest

April 4, 2002   -   The Vancouver Sun

Truce Over Canadian Rainforest Seen Fraying

April 4, 2002   -  

Great Bear Rainforest deal at risk if Liberals don’t follow through

April 4, 2002   -   CATHERINE STEWART - The Vancouver Sun: Opinion

Great Bear deal in tatters: Environmentalists

April 4, 2002   -   The Province

Cracks appear in year-long forest-war truce in British Columbia

April 4, 2002   -   Canadian Press

New debate over Great Bear Rainforest

April 4, 2002   -   CBC News

Trust Established

April 3, 2002   -   The Vancouver Province: Business in Brief

Workers displaced by coastal land preservation to be compensated

April 3, 2002   -   CKNW/AM980

One year after Great Bear Agreement, the fate of BC’s ancient rainforests is still uncertain

April 1, 2002   -   One year after the precedent-setting Great Bear Rainforest Agreement was announced to protect 603,000 hectares of British Columbia's ancient forests, Gordon Campbell's Liberal government is not living up to many of its commitments. Today a coalition of environmental groups said the government's lack of progress in implementing critical components of the accord could threaten this hard-won truce between environmentalists and logging companies.

B.C. not implementing accord, groups say

April 1, 2002   -   The Globe and Mail

Environmental Groups Sign Strategic Protocol with Haida Nation

March 6, 2002   -   March 6 marks an historic moment with the launch of the Haida title case and with the signing of a protocol with four key environmental groups - ForestEthics, Greenpeace, Sierra Club of BC, and Rainforest Action Network - to work in a strategic alliance to respect the earth, waters and culture of Haida Gwaii.

Do Bears Fish in the Woods?

November 22, 2001   -   ROBERT SEMENIUK - The Ecologist

Liberals sign on to NDP forest plan

November 16, 2001   -   The Vancouver Sun

Environmental Groups Express Cautious Optimism about Government Plans for BC’s Coast

November 15, 2001   -   ForestEthics, Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network (RAN) and the Sierra Club of British Columbia are cautiously optimistic about Sustainable Resource Management Minister Stan Hagen's announcement endorsing the Central Coast Land Use Planning Table Phase 1 decision, and completing land-use planning for the central and north coasts.

Huge Victory for Canada’s Rainforests: Environmentalists Vow to Suspend Markets Campaign

April 1, 2001   -   Conservationists won a major victory today as government endorsed an historic agreement between environmentalists, First Nations, logging companies and communities on British Columbia's Central and North coast rainforests, known as the Great Bear Rainforest.

Peace-in-the-woods deal imminent

March 17, 2001   -   Vancouver Sun

Interfor halts pristine valley work

March 15, 2001   -   Vancouver Sun

Forestry legislation on course despite mounting opposition

March 6, 2001   -   Victoria Times Colonist

Working forest idea concerns tourism lobby

March 5, 2001   -   CANADIAN PRESS - Prince George Citizen