Rainforest Solutions Project

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Great Bear Rainforest
with Premier Christy Clark

People across Canada and around the world care deeply about British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest because of its spectacular natural beauty, culturally diverse First Nations communities and their hope that thriving communities and intact rainforest are about to become reality in this region.

After years of technical work, negotiations and planning, all parties involved have a clear understanding of the solutions to make the vision real: improved decision-making between Province and First Nations; new commitments to improve quality of life for First Nations communities; increased conservation of natural old-growth rainforest to 70 percent, and the creation of an ecologically-sound forest management framework.

The Great Bear Rainforest Agreements of 2006 and 2009 announced to the world by the provincial government, First Nations, a group forest industry companies and our environmental organizations marked a huge breakthrough after years of conflict. The final steps needed to make thesolutions real can be delivered before the end of 2014. All that is needed is for the BC government to focus leadership and resources to finish the task in the coming weeks.

Please send a message to Premier Christy Clark and Minister Steve Thomson, thank them for their ongoing commitment, share your hopes and encourage them to follow through on delivering the final steps of the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements.

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    Photo Credit: Patrick Davies